From The Recordings Html


There’s a tree alongside the road
I’ve seen its leaves fall
Watched its branches grow
And it knows no hate
And it never lies
But it cries at what it sees
Through a thousand eyes

It’s not the moon
That calls to me
Or the distant stars
Or a tranquil sea
Or a palace that I could call my home
Oh, it’s you I need
Oh, it’s you alone

The children, they dance in the spray
Rescued from a summer’s day
Dancing and laughing
Not caring about what tomorrow will bring
They sing
They sing

And I need this place
Where I can go
To rest my body
To heal my soul
To take this sadness
That lives within this heart
Oh, when I think of you
Oh, when I think of you

The river we all sail on
It knows no right
It knows no wrong
It has the power
To help guide me through
Oh, the times when I think of you
Oh, when I think of you
when I think of you