From the recordings Little Star and Little Star


Climbing the glass ladder, a frozen rose between her teeth,
Love soaked heart now, dried and withered,
Beats black down on back street,
Started out as a petal, ended up as a thorn,
Who would’ve known or figured,
When this young flower was born

Creeping down the sidewalk, taking cover in the crowd,
Hot dogs are cookin’, hot dogs are cookin’
No bite, nowhere, no way
Maybe in some other place
He was a beautiful man

One leg longer than the other,
His ring finger missing from his left hand,
His teeth in his pocket,
Well-wrapped in a rubber band
His toes imprisoned in that one good shoe
Plenty of walkin’ left to do
He was a beautiful man

Swimmin’ through the rain
The shark fin follows no more now
Wild roses for the pain,
Leaked out from the liquor store,
But it took that hump on his back away,
Took a harelip scar right off his hairless face,
He was a beautiful man

Grandma saw the blivot burst,
She never said a word,
It flew everywhere,
She sat there undisturbed,
With her mouth wrapped tight around a cigarette,
What you see is what you get,
She was a beautiful man

Watchin’ the bulldog smile,
As he stands upon a grave,
Her mother’s wildest child,
Just had to get in the way,
Pockmarks scattered ‘cross that roadmap face,
Hate left long ago, leaving not a trace,
He was a beautiful man,
A beautiful, beautiful, beautiful man